Friday 11th October 2019

Bell Bros. Gunmakers
Bobble Barn Farmhouse
Nr. Little Rissington
Gloucestershire, GL54 2ND

The Bell Brothers:

Archie Bell started Bell Bros (formerly A.J.Bell’s) in 2011. Prior to this he worked for big name retailers and auctioneers gaining valuable experience.

Archie is passionate about field sports, participating from an early age. His passion has taken him from home in Scotland to South Africa, South America, the Russian Kola Peninsula and around Europe, to give him a global understanding for the culture in field sports and plenty of practice!

Caspar Bell was brought up in Perthshire and has also been an avid sportsman from a very young age, taking a special interest in game shooting. Alongside shooting in the UK, Caspar has also travelled afar including a hunting season in Namibia, several trips to Turkey shooting wild boar and an Ibex adventure in Kyrgyzstan, to mention a few.

He started working at A.J.Bell’s in 2012 and has assisted in the day-to-day running of the company, which subsequently lead to the creation of Bell Bros.
Should you wish to make an appointment then please telephone: 01485 542822