Information for European Buyers

Information for European Buyers

All exports into the EU will be administered by our shipping department UNLESS YOU INSTRUCT US OTHERWISE. The associated import into the EU will also be administered by our shipping department UNLESS YOU INSTRUCT US OTHERWISE. Our control of these exports and associated imports lies with:

Greg Morley-Smith
Telephone +44 1306 628067
Rory O’Sullivan
Telephone +44 1485 542822, option 1
All deliveries of licensable items will be made to the Holts Representative of your country. Please see the relevant section of our website for details of the Representative operating in your country. Where possible, non-licensable items and accessories will be delivered to your personal address.

To make the buying process as simple as possible for you we will pay on your behalf all charges incurred in the export and import process but please note that where licensable items are purchased and delivery is therefore to your Country’s Representative there may be further charges made by that Representative. The relevant Representative will of course give you that information. You will therefore be responsible for re-paying to us the following charges and these will be added to your purchase invoice:

Export declaration/customs clearance  - £10.00 per lot
Import declaration/customs clearance  - £20.00 per lot

Delivery to your Country’s Representative (including insurance whilst in transit):

Shotguns/rifles - £50 for first lot, £25 for each additional lot
Small antique/accessory - £25 for first lot, £15 for each additional lot
Onward courier delivery (including insurance), where possible for non-licensable items from your Country’s Representative to your personal address – £15 per lot

Your country’s import VAT (and import duty, if applicable) levied on each lot SUBJECT TO THE BELOW EXCEPTION HEADED “RE-IMPORTATION INTO THE EU”. Rates of Import VAT on modern items are between 19% and 25% and on antique items are between 5% and 6%. Rates of Import duty, where applicable, are between 1% and 3.2%. You will only pay import duty where the item was manufactured in a ‘third world country’, including the USA.

RE-IMPORTATION INTO THE EU (returned goods relief)
Items that have been imported by us from the EU will, in their catalogue description, also be marked with the code for the country of import e.g. FR, DE, IT etc in addition to the normal import markings of ** for modern items and * for antique items. If any of these are purchased by an EU resident the lot(s) can be reimported for you with no liability for import duty or import VAT. PLEASE NOTE: For a buyer living in a European country other than the one from which an item was imported by us then to obtain the VAT and duty relief that item has to be imported into the same exporting country for onward delivery to you. In this case, there will be an additional delivery fee from that country into your own country. Please contact your Country’s Representative for details of this additional fee.

No UK VAT will be applied to the invoice of any buyer residing in the European Union. However, third party shipping companies must provide us with the correct proof of export. In the event that they do not, then you will be liable to pay UK VAT (including UK Import VAT and UK Import Duty if applicable).

For delivery of very large items our shipping department will provide you with a personal quote.